Welcome to Alwefaq Gulf

Al Wefaq Gulf Trading Est. is a well-established company that was founded in 2011 in Dammam, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its inception, the company has been recognized as a leading supplier and stockist of various components, including electrical, electromechanical, instrumentation, and oilfield-related products.

One of the key strengths of Al Wefaq Gulf Trading Est. is our specialized marketing team. This team works diligently to ensure that the products they offer are readily available and attractively displayed on shelves. This focus on presentation and accessibility enhances the overall shopping experience for customers and contributes to the company's reputation for professionalism and customer satisfaction.

With years of experience in the industry, Al Wefaq Gulf Trading Est. boasts a solid track record of delivering high-quality materials to our customers. The company's commitment to quality ensures that we offer only reliable and durable components, making us a trusted supplier in our field. In summary, Al Wefaq Gulf Trading Est. has established itself as a reputable and reliable supplier in the electrical, electromechanical, instrumentation, and oilfield components industry. Our specialized marketing team ensures that products are displayed attractively and made easily accessible to customers. Our dedication to quality, competitive pricing, and timely deliveries have contributed to our success and reputation as a top-notch provider in the market.

Our Motto


In becoming the leading distribution/supply company of Electrical, Industrial, Instrumentation, Mechanical products and solutions to the energy and industrial markets in KSA and other GCC countries by strategically partnering with world class companies with best practices of industry.


We believe in bringing a spirit of excellence to everything we do. In constantly striving to be the best in our field we remain at the cutting edge of electrical technology while supplying the growing demand for energy around the world.

Al Wefaq Trading Est. Dammam,
31412, Kingdom of saudi arabia

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